We created a new corporate identity to reflect the company’s individually and attributes and to convey its business message to the market.

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The European Academy, a business training organisation, were looking for a unique brand image that would support their marketing plan and encapsulate the core values of the company. It had to have a modern look and feel but still represent its academic stature. The scope was to produce a new logo design and corporate identity that would resonate with its people, students and the market and to rollout a campaign to meet the organisations business objectives.

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To design a new logo that represented the company, our first step was to understand the company, its services and purpose. We then analysed the market, the competition and key differentiators following our 360 brand management process. The logo design we developed included a modern scudo or shield encompassing a motif representing its people and students, depicted in a way to portray unity, focus and vision. This provided the academy with a modern day logo taking into account its history and academic traditions.

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"The team at Brandall Agency surpassed our expectations and delivered a campaign with high momentum that helped us meet and exceed our business targets ahead of schedule."

Javier Ibánez Medina


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